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WOLFFKRAN LOKUS a.s. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the WOLFFKRAN Group, one of the world’s leading brands in the tower crane industry. We rent, sell, operate, and provide related services for tower cranes. In doing so, we draw on our company’s heritage deeply rooted in the construction industry. Testimony of our success is a fleet of more than 130 tower cranes and a large team of crane professionals serving construction companies across the country.




WOLFFKRAN LOKUS a.s. builds on the reputation of three brands: WOLFFKRAN from Germany, KONSTRUKTIVA from former Czechoslovakia, and post-revolutionary LOKUS from the Czech Republic.


The history of WOLFFKRAN dates back to the middle of the 19th century in Heilbronn, Germany. Continuously setting milestones in crane technology, the company gradually developed into one of the leading brands in the tower crane industry. Today, it serves customers worldwide both as manufacturer and lessor of tower cranes. WOLFF cranes are manufactured in Heilbronn and Luckau in Germany and in Lukhovitsy in Russia.


KONSTRUKTIVA was founded on 9 October 1929 as part of joint stock company Škodovy závody in Pilsen. Its originally narrow focus soon expanded to include "... all road, bridge, railway and reinforced concrete structures ..." including activities abroad. During World War II, the entire Škodovy závody group of companies was placed under German military supervision and subsequently focused on the production of military equipment. As of 1 January 1946, by decision of the government, KONSTRUKTIVA became the first state-owned[ES3] [JD4]  enterprise of the Czechoslovakian construction industry. In the subsequent forty years it advanced to one of the most significant contractors in the country with 8.700 employees at the end of the 1980s.


The privatization of KONSTRUKTIVA s.p. in 1991 also saw the creation of the independent company Konstruktiva Group Transtechnik a.s. out of the former Transport and Mechanization Facility. While Transtechnik’s involvement in the construction industry diminished over the years, the crane rental business of its subsidiary LOKUS a.s. continued to grow. By merger with this subsidiary in 2009, the brand KONSTRUKTIVA returned to the construction industry under the name KONSTRUKTIVA LOKUS a.s. with a focus on the growing crane rental sector. In 2021 the company became part of the WOLFFKRAN Group, changing its name to WOLFFKRAN LOKUS a.s.


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Facts & Figures

Corporate Management
Ing. Jan Drastík (Chairman of the Board)
Ing. Jiří Řezáč (Vice-Chairman of the Board)
Petr Kabaja (Chief Executive Director)

Approx. 60+ employees

Business Segments
Crane rental incl. all services

Crane services for crane owners

Crane sales, new and used

Rental Fleet
Over 130 cranes in the Czech Republic, 800+ available worldwide.

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